Book Review of Molly and the Cat Cafe by Melissa Daley

Molly and the Cat Cafe: A Novel

When I picked up Molly and The Cat Café by Melissa Daley, I was at first a bit put off upon discovering Molly the Cat was given first person capabilities. I normally prefer to read about main character cats in a third person narrative by the author, as in “The Cat Who” series by Lillian Jackson Braun, or “The Sneaky Pie” series by Rita Mae Brown.

Before completing the first chapter, however, I was captivated by this cat’s ability to capture the reader with her believable descriptions of common events, including both the typical human and feline reactions. Felines really are wise and intuitive, and they often seem to try to intervene in our lives, for our benefit as well as their own; who knows what goes on in their minds.

Actually this book isn’t a true mystery, but many mystery lovers are cat lovers too so a good number of my readers may be enamored by the tale of Molly.

At first I feared the story might be too emotionally wrenching for me as I agonize over the plight of cats facing difficult developments but after a few tense times when tears began to form, Molly prevailed, assisting other humans and felines who crossed her life path in dealing with physical and emotional challenges.

The charming tale takes place in the Cotswolds, a favorite part of the British Isles for cozy readers, so that’s a plus too.

I’m writing this review in December –  a great season to curl up with Molly and the Cat Cafe, as Christmas plays a bit of a part in the tale too. A good read for cat fans, a great gift for friends who love felines.

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Molly and the Cat Cafe: A Novel

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