A Message from Penny Mason

In my earlier days, I thought the traditional mysteries my husband enjoyed much too deep and dark for my taste. For the most part, I strived to focus upon the positive side of life, remaining in denial about the realities of violent death. Tending to empathize with everyone, even fictional characters, graphic murder mysteries gave me nightmares.

But then I discovered cozies and the lessons for life they offer us. History is, unfortunately, filled with tragedy. But as we age we learn that it’s our attitude that matters. Cozy characters continue their routines with a cheerful demeanor even as they investigate dark deeds inflicted upon friends and acquaintances. What’s done is done, and we all might as well make the best of things, the typical amateur sleuths of the cozies seem to tell us. No sense in suffering unduly as all the despair we can muster won’t rewind the murder.

But cozies know not to torture us too much. They nearly always follow the rule of sparing beloved characters from becoming victims, though normally the star sleuth barely escapes death. 

My favorite cozies are set in New England, or on another coastline. The British Isles come to mind.

I love tales that feature animals, even some stories that successfully anthropomorphize four footed characters like Rita Mae Brown’s series set in Virginia’s fox hunting country. Some other favorite authors are: Leslie Meier, Kaitlyn Dunnett, Jane K. Cleland, Elaine Viets, the late Blaize Clement, Ellen Crosby and the unparalleled M.C. Beaton of Hamish MacBeth and Agatha Raisin series’ fame  . . . just to name a few.

While I review mostly cozy mysteries, I include some classic whodunits occasionally, along with some not so mysterious fiction that fits my favorite topics.

In addition to reviewing best sellers, I’m also open to the possibility of including the creations of Indie authors as time permits. For consideration, you many contact me for details.

I hope you enjoy this site and that it helps you select your next memorable read.

Please visit pennymasonpublications.com and thepennymasonpost.wordpress.com, for more entertaining, fun and informative posts.

Keep Calm and Read On . . .

Penny Mason


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