Book Review of Irish Parade Murder by Leslie Meier

I truly don’t know where to begin. This Lucy Stone Mystery, Irish Parade Murder by Leslie Meier is a masterpiece containing all the things I’ve wanted to say about happenings of the past year. Everything that’s been in the news and in my thoughts. Well, except for COVID.

Yes, it’s a mystery, but it’s also a bit of a commentary. The plight of newspapers in today’s times. The DNA tests that discover unknown siblings. Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter movements (Don’t all lives matter?” asks Lucy’s daughter.)

The newspaper happenings and a new staff member have Lucy and Phyllis, her co-worker a bit upset, though thankfully the paper is kept alive by the new arrangement. Corruption in law enforcement is an issue that creates risk when Lucy and the new reporter investigate.

Bill, Lucy’s husband’s father passes away. His mother makes a trip to Maine. An unfamiliar, apparent family member appears to complicate matters.

A man dies in an accident/murder. Lucy investigates. Eventually, she finds herself in a precarious situation. Will there be a Cinderella ending? Or are there too many complications?

Leslie’s Lucy Stone books just keep getting better. I thank her for putting my thoughts into words at so many spots within this book.

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