Tell a Story – To Build a Brand or to Entertain . . .

I’m studying content marketing. After becoming successful at content writing, I decided I needed to expand my knowledge of the broader topic of content marketing. I still pursue fiction writing, but for the time being, must focus on writing which brings more immediate profit. I truly enjoy helping businesses build brands through well-researched creative writing.

The first lesson in my content class, via Hubspot, was actually focused upon the topic of storytelling. What better way to build a brand than to tell a story. The focus is on reality rather than fiction, but the key is still to entertain – to capture attention, captivate the reader in order to cultivate engagement.

How appropriate that at a time when I’m so focused on the art of story-telling, I discover the existence of National Tell a Story Day – A day to read a story from a book, tell one from memory, create one from your imagination. 1425 was the year the term story was first used to mean a fictional anecdote. The account I read didn’t say what the title of the story was.

But it did share a fascinating bit of trivia:

The first novel written on a typewriter is said to be Mark Twain’s “Adventures of Tom Sawyer”. Though further research says it was “Life on the Mississippi”.

And a cute joke accompanied the account:

The gossipy bank employee was a real story teller. (No groans please – we all need to enjoy a bit of innocent humor now and then.)

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