Celebrating National Telephone Day

I’m so attached to real books and adore old school phones . . . are these preferences simply due to childhood memories – or is their allure due to a different factor?

There’s something about holding a real receiver in one’s hand that’s so relaxing . . . Maybe it just evokes the spirit of the 1960s – a time when worries, at least in my community, were less.

Anyway, today celebrates the invention of the telephone, when Alexander Graham Bell, when he summoned his assistant Watson to the telephone, the first “official” communication recorded for posterity. Bell was a teacher at a boy’s boarding school. – something of which I was not aware.

Also not widely publicized – is the fact that several others submitted patents for telephones shortly after Bell’s – but Bell’s was the first. He later became a benefactor and friend of the remarkably resilient Helen Keller.

I’m not a fan of smart phones, so far carrying my computer and a flip – researching and typing on a tiny touch screen just doesn’t work for me. And the new phones are too large to fit easily in a pocket.

And 24/7 availability isn’t healthy.

But it is difficult to imagine life without phones of some sort. Access saves lives, connects friends who live at a distance, makes many things more convenient.

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