Book Review of Easter Bunny Murder by Leslie Meier

I read Easter Bunny Murder many years ago, but the mostly holiday based Lucy Stone Mysteries by Leslie Meier are features of every special season. These lovely cozies are comforting traditions to re-read any time of the year, whether borrowed from the library or purchased to keep and treasure. I picked up a paperback version of this one at a used book store recently.

A man dressed as the Easter Bunny really is murdered in this tale. The killing takes place at a planned community Easter egg hunt on a posh estate on the Maine Coast.

The victim’s grandmother has been changing her habits and main character Lucy wonders if her behavior and that of her heirs has anything to do with the murder.

Lucy, a middle aged writer for a small town in Maine’s weekly newspaper, married to a carpenter, and with four children, must take care of herself and her family as she tries to trace the killer’s identity from a “basket of suspects”. Will she identify him or her in time to save future victims – and herself – from his – or her – wrath?

I know, it sounds like a tragic scene. A murder at an Easter event for children. But we know it’s fiction and the story is so enchantingly written that it ends up being cute and humorous, for the most part, instead of terrifying.

It’s a great spring escape for those who enjoy cozies featuring family, the realities of modern life, a good mystery plot. Pick one up at a new or used book shop, or order one from the internet. It was published in 2013, but it’s evergreen.

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