Book Review of Overkilt by Kaitlyn Dunnett – A Liss MacKrimmon Scottish Mystery

The New Age Pilgrims dominate the tale, Overkilt, by Kaitlyn Dunnett. Apparently the cultlike group has lived outside the borders of the town of Moosetookalook Maine throughout the story series but I don’t believe they’ve been mentioned previously.

These Maine based mysteries have been among my favorite cozies for many years. This one didn’t intrigue me when it began, but the plot intensified consistently and continued to twist until nearly the last page.

Dan, Liss’ most often even tempered husband, loses his composure and nearly throttles a surprising person. The town’s female sheriff must reign him in, but she understands and shares his concern about the growing threat to peace and harmony in the village and business at the shops that line the street.

When one of the New Age Pilgrims becomes a murder victim, Liss is forced to do her best to solve the puzzle in order to exonerate friend and family suspects. All amid adjusting to her parents’ return to Moosetookalook from years of living in Arizona, the early online Christmas rush at her Scottish Emporium, and plans for Thanksgiving with Dan, her parents, Aunt Margaret, and Lumpkin and Glenora, her feline family.

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