Book Review of Something Borrowed, Something Mewed by Bethany Blake

Perhaps it was only because I’ve been lacking sufficient sleep recently, but I had a difficult time keeping track of human and animal characters in this topsy turvy tale, entitled Something Borrowed, Something Mewed. I enjoyed an earlier Bethany Blake “Lucky paws pet sitting mystery”. Loved the cute cast of people and pets and their interesting antics.

This one opens into a scene of preparations for Daphne Templeton’s sister Piper’s wedding. The well-laid plans are knocked off kilter when the wedding planner ends up dead in a fountain. Snowdrop, the murder victim’s poodle, and Socrates, Daphne’s Basset, tag along with pet sitter Daphne through the days following the incident, riding in her old VW Van as the murder plot is unraveled.

A lover of pets and old hippie vans, that’s one of my favorite features of these stories. Tinkleston, Daphne’s “catastrophe prone cat” in her own words, plays a role in the tale too.

A surprise romantic event awaits at the close of the story. (No peeking). One thing is certain; you’ll never suffer boredom as you venture through this book’s pages, but you’d better stay on your toes to keep track of the happenings.

There are bonus recipes for tasty treats at the back of the book that will tempt your pets. (There’s one for people too.)       

Check it out if you’re seeking a fun and quite eventful read, or a gift for a pet lover on your list.    

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