Book Review of Hitting the Books by Jenn McKinlay

Just finished Hitting the Books – Jenn McKinlay’s great title. Yes the title is great – reminding us this book is an installment in the library lover’s mystery series – but so is the story. . .

My emotions are still roller-coastering following the nail-biting drama of several scenes where main character, librarian Lindsey Norris, her significant other, and law enforcement friends, not to mention her beloved canine, Heathcliff, are threatened with death at the hands of . . . well I won’t give away the suspects’ identities . . .

If you enjoy romance, sleuthing, libraries, threats of danger, happy endings – not for everyone, but for the main characters. This could be your next enjoyable read.

And the bonus is – there is inspiration at the end, for planning your own “crafternoon” – a book discussion get together featuring a light gourmet meal and a fun, easy craft project. – Plus even a snipped of Jenn’s latest contemporary romance tale.

Jenn McKinlay is a fluent author with four great series’ under her belt. Wow, that’s impressive. I’m still working on my first . . . along with reading everyone else’s stories and other responsibilities. . .

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