Book Review of Death by Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake by Sarah Graves

A fun fast paced read in Sarah Graves’ new series. Always a fan of the Home Repair is Homicide Mysteries by Ms. Graves, the same spirit of adventure and beloved characters play their parts in this series as well.

Picture Maine in early summer, a super storm, almost hurricane on the way as plans for the Fourth of July Holiday are in full swing.

Cheesecakes really do take center stage. Jake and friend Ellie, the main sleuths summon super-human energy to bake a number of them needed for the fundraising auction at the festival.

Baking them and all the other items needed to operate The Chocolate Moose in Eastport Maine, the ladies’ new adventure takes place amid wild rides on boats and in cars, as the girls flee from murder suspects, and work out what really happened in order to save Ellie from being jailed as a suspect herself.

A bit over the top at the end with new threats and developments, but an enjoyable read for lovers of active plot cozies.

I wondered at the beginning where the rest of Ellie’s family went, but by the end they reappeared, and the explanation made sense

A super summer story.

For more info or to order, click below:

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