On Writing and Restarting . . .


via Daily Prompt: Restart

I keep saying my cozy mystery manuscript is almost “finished”. But then I think I should restart the writing process. I feel I could create a much better work now that I have been actively writing longer and my words flow more freely.

But should I? Or would it be better to devote the time to my new ideas, the list of non-fiction works I think I can whip out more quickly? I need to stay focused to avoid false starts and wasted time, but how does a writer determine what’s best to work on at that particular time.

Perhaps I should take a break, read a book, and later restart my writing brain hoping it will have sorted itself out after having it’s switch turned off for a time – as confused  computers process information efficiently once more after we restart them.

Comments anyone?

P.S. I do have a great new read just now – Crazy Like a Fox by Rita Mae Braun. Stay tuned for the review!

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